Infographic for Nerd SkinCare

Let’s Beat Acne! With Nerd

My client was a beauty science startup, working on updating their website and needing assistance to help customers understand their value. They wanted to visualize info about their acne treatment products compared to their competitors. However, instead of focusing on product benefits, they wanted to emphasize the good feelings and relief people experience after using Nerd products. So, I invented Jessica, an 18-year old track star with an acne problem. Using the visual storytelling approach, I structured a plot so that the target audience would identify emotionally with Jessica and her difficulties. At the same time, the stages of her race became phases in her acne treatment that led her to glory.

Once I had defined the story outline, a design wireframe was in order, suggesting a few main character options and other graphic elements that would define a modern, flat style. Finally, Jessica would be brought to life in a detailed design draft, leading to the creation of an infographic – an eye-catching piece of visual content. Additionally, micro-content was built, and a blog post and social media statuses were created to increase the infographic’s viral potential.