Graphic Novel for Personal Project

Dark Sonata

From the moment he receives that unexpected phone call, everything that happens to Adam becomes a nightmare. He is involved in a series of bizarre events while searching for his love – a woman named Annabel. This strange and sudden journey leads him to an obscure old house where reality and imagination are strongly linked, and the story heads for a creepy culmination. Adam realizes that everything is possible, but also that nothing is like it seems…

Download the free, 16-page PDF edition at, and let Dark Sonata pull you into its magical, dark, surreal world. Get a first impression of a unique, slightly rigid, vector-based digital visual style used to create illustrations. It took over five years to complete the graphic novel Dark sonata. A complete 70-page edition ($4.99) is available from the Comixology website

The Creepy Little Girls Infographic was created to promote the release of Dark Sonata. We took on the hard job of ranking what (for us) are the five creepiest girls in horror movies, comparing them statistically in three categories: fear factor, cruelty, and aftertaste. Eventually, a sixth character was introduced – the unknown, creepy, demonic girl who loves to take long cemetery walks with her grandma… one of the main characters of Dark Sonata!