Motion Graphic for Infographic Box IDS

PAC Phenomenon – Living With Parents

When we created our most recent Infographic Box IDS editorial motion graphic, we knew we had a very good story and didn’t want to give up on it just because it might be longer than the recommended two to three minutes. In fact, we decided to turn that into an advantage and create a novel product that we call an animated infographic cartoon.

The topic is the recent phenomenon of young adults living with their parents longer than before and the reasons why. You know – stats and numbers in 4:36 minutes. Sounds lame, right? Well, not if told through the story of a secret agent on a mission, going through different scenes, meeting various characters on the way, and finishing in a hilarious ending.

The creative team behind this project included Bruno Vojvodic (copywriting & research), Vedran Jevtovic (animation) and me – Boris Benko (creative directing, illustrations, sketches, and storyboards). This editorial approach combined with visual storytelling can naturally be applied to animated motion graphics and infographic cartoons for a variety of clients. When used with an interesting narrative, the content itself increases the viral potential, which adds to the visibility of the client’s products and, subsequently, increases sales.